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Charter Success Partners LLC is a charter school management company based in North Carolina. Here at Charter Success Partners we are devoted to helping our clients manage and direct their school. We know how important it is to give our children the proper education they deserve which is why we provide services which enhance the school administration's ability to create a school environment focused on student achievement.

The Founders of Charter Success Partners founded Voyager Academy, one of the most successful charter schools in North Carolina. Voyager Academy is a K-12 project based learning charter school located in Durham North Carolina. The student body will consist of 1200 students with 2900 on the waiting list. Voyager's performance metrics have consistently shown a high level of student achievement.  Through its foundation, Voyager Foundation, Inc., the Academy has three school buildings located on one campus of 22 acres.

Having learned best practices over the past 13 years in the charter school industry and as founders and operators of Voyager Academy, we want to assist others with reaching their goals and dreams of starting and running a successful charter school. Charter Success Partners professionals provide a comprehensive list of services ranging from initial Charter applications to ongoing financial and student information management.  Charter Success Partners has also partnered with a real estate developer/investor to provide turnkey school facilities on a lease with an option to buy basis.


Cory Draughon

Founder & CEO

Customer service starts with me.  I know that the key to any business is building strong relationships with our customers and providing a high level of customer service.  We pride ourselves on being responsive to our customers’ needs.  Every school receives my personal contact information, because your school's success is my priority.


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Tel: 919-479-1442

1011 Broad St.

Durham, NC 27705

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