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Human Resources

CSP's Human Resources department seeks to provide excellent service to support your charter school in streamlining various aspects of your HR management. From handling employee onboarding and offboarding processes to managing payroll and benefits administration, we are here to support your school by creating smooth operational efficiency. Our goal is to alleviate administrative burdens, allowing your school leaders to focus on student learning. 

How Can We Support Your School?


 We review and support your team's HR work to ensure accuracy and compliance with regulations.

Administrative Support

We complete the administrative work and processes offsite for your school.

Full Partnership

We complete the administrative work and processes, provide access to HR consultants and onsite assistance 

What Our Partner Schools Say

“Our school's financial projections have been improved by our partnership with CSP.
Our expenditure projections have been spot-on for the past 3 years, allowing us to plan more appropriately for the future"
- Executive Director, ABC School

Partner With Us

We aim to form partnerships with our clients.

Connect with us to start collaborating. 

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