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Look into your school's data.

 be your guide.

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Your school's data is important.
It's time to use it.

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All Your Data In
One Place

Spreadsheets are a thing of the past.

Find all of your data in one place with Insights. Since the program integrates with the platforms you already use, your reporting process can be housed in a single location. Just navigate to your dashboard tab and view everything you need to know to make informed decisions.

Engage with
Visualized Data

Impress your stakeholders with every report.

With a click of a button, you can enhance your stakeholder reports with our exporting feature. We can help you visualize your milestones with built-in graphs and charts. View breakdowns at a glance with a clean and organized design.

Revewing Graphs

Get the Updates
You Need

Never miss another detail.

Frequent data updates help keep you and the rest of your leadership team on-track. Designed with charter schools in mind, each dashboard includes the metrics most impactful to school administration. Our powerhouse platform will process the data for you, so you can take back precious hours in your workday. 

County Billing

Your school can lose an average of $3000 due to a single mistake on their county billing invoice. Ensure your submissions are accurate and payments are arriving on-time with this dashboard.


Become an active monitor of your financial picture. View drill-down menus, run projections, and track updates with daily data syncs.


Actively tracking your school's testing data is critical to success. Check out results from all of your benchmarking platforms in one place and ditch the spreadsheets.


Display your staff's licensure information as required by law in some states. View data by status, degree, subject, and more.

Start improving
your school

See how Insights by CSP can begin working for you.

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