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July 3rd, 2017 Update

Good Morning Charter Leaders,

-We've added a resource page to our website which has links to Team Drive and a video on how to utilize team drive. Please watch it here: . (Thanks to our intern Caleb Taylor - UNC Chapel Hill Business School Senior for putting together the video)

-Budget became Law with the legislature's override of the Governor's veto. The provision allowing Charters with 50% or more free/reduced lunch population to apply for transportation funds is in the budget. I have not seen any new information regarding this grant program other than its allocation in the approved budget.

-HB 800 which would allow Charters not identified as low performing to grow by 25% in 2017-2018 and 30% 2018-2019 was presented to the Governor on 6/29/17.

-If your school is a member of the State Health Plan BCBS will bill you for the normal rate and then send an adjusted invoice for the difference of the newly approved contributions.

-Below are two requirements for uploading to the performance framework by July 15 if they apply to your Charter:

A14- Certificate of Occupancy- If your school is relocating, adding new buildings, or upgrading existing buildings, you must submit an updated Certificate of Occupancy. If you have not received the Educational Certificate of Occupancy, you may not use that space for students. Additionally, if this change results in a change of address, you will need to update EDDIE accordingly.

A15- Certificate of Insurance- If the Certificate of Insurance you submitted during the regular collection process has expired, you must submit an updated Certificate of Insurance that demonstrates your insurance is current and meets the current insurance type and coverage amounts.

-Charter Success regular work hours are Monday through Friday 9am-5pm, someone will be available in the office everyday between 9am-3pm (we reserve 3pm-5pm to visit the bank and post office, however we are still available). Our office number is 919-479-1442, you can contact Ally Garrett at 919-452-8435 during regular hours and you can contact Cory Draughon 24/7 at 919-413-3892 if you need anything.

Charter Success' office will be closed July 4th, have a great Independence Day!

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