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"How we do things makes it possible for your school to more efficiently pursue the why."

 Cory Draughon, CEO

We believe a charter school's number one priority should be student achievement.  However, we know from experience the myriad tasks required to run a charter school efficiently and responsibly. We put this experience to work to improve and support your operations.


Charter Success Partners' mission is to provide the best customer service to charter schools through market leading operational support processes and products.  We seek to provide security and peace of mind for charter school boards and administrators through timely, accurate and responsive service.  Our team is our defining quality; and our team is driven to help your students succeed by allowing you to focus more on academic excellence!


CSP utilizes a sophisticated task management platform to track the completion of our duties.  Each CSP team member is able to view, update and complete tasks assigned to them within the system.  Once a client engages CSP for services, the system is populated with the contractual responsibilities required to fulfill our duties.  This way, CSP is aware of all required tasks and things don't slip through the cracks.

Processes only work if adequate training is provided to the client and our team members.  CSP seeks to communicate best practices with clients and staff through virtual meetings, recorded trainings, onsite visits and frequent contact.

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