Below is a list of newly implemented programs in response to COVID19 for which charter schools and their employees may be eligible.  Please continue to communicate with your Customer Service Relationship Manager (CSRM) at CSP for support on navigating these programs.

1. PRC 154 - Funds alloted by the state of NC for certain expenses related to COVID19.  Please review this video:

2. CARES Retention Credit - Charter schools may be eligible to claim tax credits for retaining certain employees who are not working but being paid during the COVID19 pandemic.​​ Please contact your CSRM for a form to report eligible employees.

3. Families First Coronavirus Response Act - Charter School employees are eligible for expanded FMLA leave reasons due to COVID19. Charter schools can receive dollar for dollar funding of employee pay related to this leave in the form of tax credits.

Click here                    for a SAMPLE FMLA COVID19 Related Leave Form

4. Payroll Protection Program - Funds allotted to provide loans to small business who have been impacted by COVID19.  Generally regarded as a program for supporting businesses whose revenue has been impacted.  Consult your banker and attorney to determine whether you may be eligible for this program.