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Charter Pay
Charter Pay

Simple and secure payments for your school

Collect and track every dollar

Access payment reports any time

Online permission forms

Parent friendly interface

Onlie Payment Piggy Bank

Payment modules to collect and track every dollar

Collect every type of money that comes into your school from parents. Our modular design makes it easy to take every type of payment. Parents will have a one-stop-shop for every payment they need to make to school.

Process payments that include:

  • Automatic recurring payments

  • Calendar based payments, like lunches and after school care

  • School wide optional payments, like donations

  • Student specific payments, like field trips and library fees

Charter School Payment Reporting

Easy to use payment reporting features

Reporting and reconciliation should not be a full time job. Charter Pay has charter school specific reporting features, allowing schools to pull necessary information quickly and easily. Teachers can also access reports in snap to see which students have submitted their payments and permission forms for school activities.

Access and run customizable reports that can be used for:

  • Board meetings

  • Teacher specific school activities

  • Reconciliation

  • Audits

Charter School Online Permission Collection

Electronically collect permission slips 

No more need for crumpled up permission forms! With Charter Pay, collect permission information for all of your students electronically. Parents can sign permission slips from their phone or computer. Teachers can access who has permission and who does not immediately from their Charter Pay account.

Collect permissions for:

  • Field trips

  • In class parties

  • Specific in class activities

Charter School Online Payment Processing Parent Account

Intuitive, parent friendly user interface 

Charter Pay’s simple to use and intuitive parent interface lets parents feel confident using the system. Parents can select everything they need for their child and check out in one transaction. And when parents do run into an issue, Charter Pay’s support team is just a call or email away.

With Charter Pay, parents can

  • Pay for a field trip, donation, and lunches all at the same time

  • See unpaid fees right on their dashboard when they log in

  • Access a full catalog of help documents

Track Every Dollar
Permission slips

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